We have over 15 years of experience.

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Hardware and Software Solution

Truly intelligent systems, Magic Technology CCTV solutions optimise the monitoring of people and property, and adapt to all of your needs and all installation types.

The Magic Technology range came about from the successful marriage of ergonomic design and the most sophisticated surveillance technology.

Magic Technology. provides the knowledge and experience that few industry participants can approach. Our expertise delivers a new IP-based high security monitoring solution that is now being used across Canada. IP Video allows you to deliver an exceptional video experience to your organization as it is a powerful distribution channel and a game changer for your business. It is currently transforming CCTV surveillance allowing added functionality and a reduction in system cost as well as displaying IP surveillance systems with flexibility, scalability, performance and compatibility.



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We know that protecting you and your property begins with providing quality installation services and ends with an “easy to use” cutting edge surveillance security camera system.


sAfter installing hundreds of thousands of cameras over the years we feel strongly about the following statements:

  • Your wires should not be seen, which seems to be a foreign concept (your wires must be protected against vandalism and the elements).
  • Using the right type of cameras virtually eliminates theft and protects your investment (especially outdoor surveillance cameras, which in some areas get stolen again after being replaced).
  • Your cameras should blend in to some environments and stand out like a sore thumb in others (you wouldn’t install cameras in a check cashing business like you would install them in a business office).